AfriGo (CBN Domestic Card) How To Make International Payment From Nigeria 2023 – New Method

Due to the international money transfer regulations in Nigeria, most of us has find it difficult to make international payments from Nigeria or send money from Nigeria to USA. The most annoying part of it all is that we can’t freely use our debit card to make payment on foreign websites and apps like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Aliexpress and Amazon. in this research tutorial guide that works, we will show you How To Make International Payment From Nigeria 2023 and also what the AfriGo CBN Domestic Card is all about.

However, if you want to make purchases online on international websites but you can not with your Mastercard, Visa Card or any other debit card. This is because CBN has some limit and restrictions on your card.

But there is nothing you can do about it, other to find alternative methods. Before now I use Barter dollar Mastercard to purchase things in online from website while my FirstBank virtual naira card to pay for Facebook Ads.

It has been working well until Barter deactivate her dollar card option and I could no longer use that, I have to find alternatives which I will reveal to you as we see more on How To Make International Payment From Nigeria.

Before we proceed, after the redesign of the new naira note and scarcity of New Naira cash, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) introduce a national domestic card for forex (foreign) payment and local withdraw. thereby taking some percentage of business from Mastercard and Visa in the country.

As Nigeria is trying to move to becoming a cashless digital system, Enaira and Afrigo Card will help make transaction easy as said by CBN Governor.

New Method To Make International Payment From Nigeria 2023

If you want to pay or fund your Facebook meta ads account with your card and you are unable here is a solution for people living in a country that has restriction or can not pay in dollars.

You can use payU and other method provided by Facebook, Ad credit and without stress.

I will update this page as more information about Afrigo card works and how to use it for international payment.


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