These 10 Online typing Jobs Pay N10,000 PER HOUR In Nigeria

Are you seeking for a simple means to make money? Typing Jobs are the best to look for! These internet jobs provide the chance to learn a lot of things and get more knowledge about other work in it, and also pay up to N10000 PER HOUR. To earn money with online jobs, data entry jobs, and form filling jobs while working part- or full-time.

Working with your laptop, or smartphone easy job, no stress at the comfort of your bed, jobs like micro jobs, online surveys, captcha typing, Transcription or other options. Becoming the billionaire of your time.


Jobs Typing Captcha

There are a various companies where you may sign up to work as a captcha solver or typing and enter images from the internet to make between N10000 PER HOUR .

Usually, only one or two words are used to create the CAPTCHA images. You must identify the characters, type your responses in the text box provided below, and upload your work to the website. The best captcha-typing websites, including those that let you sign up and solve captchas, are included in the list we have put together. If you work on a few of these sites for between two and four hours a day, you may earn much money per month from this job.

Online survey

Online survey is an online best typing jobs. It is used by a company operating in several countries to get customer feedback on their goods and services, which helps them understand consumer reactions and make them adapt to their opinion. By you signing up with one of these businesses, you can earn money by typing from home without the need for certain knowledge or experience from you.


Strong typing skills that will enhance great listening skills in you, a understanding of the English language (including a increase your vocabulary and proper grammar), and perhaps even specialized training and work experience in medical transcribing are all necessary for success in this sector.


Writing is a paying and demand profession, most things people do; so by writing with in two to three year of being a good writer you will be earning more than expected. A wide range of client, including private individuals , websites, blogs, and social media profiles, are available for you to work with. Learning the fundamentals of SEO can make you the SEO writer in 2023 you being the SEO writing you will be in high demand. Content writing, editing, copywriting, and creative writing are further options in this industry.

Online Jobs That Pays Daily

In conclusion, there are a various of online typing jobs that will let you work from home and make a respectable living like micro jobs, online surveys, captcha typing, or other options. Even though some of these jobs need extra skills, if you have those capabilities you will gain more in it.


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