How To Transfer Airtime On Airtel 2023 (For The First Time)

Did you just start using your airtel SIM or do you want to know how to transfer airtime on airtel for the first time? in this article, you will see different methods for How To Transfer Airtime On Airtel 2022. Before you can be eligible to transfer airtime on airtel to another network or Airtel to Airtel. there are criteria you have to meet which we show you how to do for free.

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Just as when you want to borrow airtime on airtel, you opt-in for Airtel Extra Credit Plan. That is how you also join Me2U Airtel Plan.

So, you will see code for Me2U Airtel Transfer and how to activate your line for Transfer from your Airtel to another.

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[Using USSD Code] How Can I Get Airtel Tranfer PIN

You must first generate your unique USSD transaction PIN, known as the Airtel ME2U PIN, before you may utilize the Airtel ME2U service on your Airtel line. To accomplish this, launch your phone’s SMS/text messaging app and type: PIN space [defaultPIN] space [newPIN] and send it to the code 432.

Remember that the default PIN is 0000. If your new ME2U PIN is 3467, for example, you simply send a text message in the following format: PIN 0000 3467, then send (Send/Ok) to 432. It’s as simple as that.

You can also

REGISTER for the Airtel ME2U service by SMS or USSD

– To register through SMS, use the following format in your phone’s SMS app: To 1329, send [space] [Me2UPIN] (Send/OK).

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– To Register with USSD: Dial *198# from your phone dialing app. A service menu will appear, from which you will choose

‘1: Activate.’ You will be asked to enter a new USSD PIN. Type your new ME2U PIN (which you must not forget) and send it, then type it again and wait for a confirmation message indicating that it was properly formed.

You can now begin using the ME2U service.

Method 1: Using Me2U service using USSD code to transfer airtime on Airtel

Now that we’ve thoroughly marketed the ME2U service, let’s learn how to use it. Here are the steps to transfer Airtel airtime;

Wait for the service menu to display after dialing *432#.
Choose ‘Transfer airtime’ from the menu.
You will be asked for the recipient’s phone number.

Before sending, type it and double-check it.
You will be requested for your ME2U PIN once more, so type it and send.
Finally, pick 1 to confirm your request for airtime transfer.

Method 2: Making use of the Me2U service via SMS/Text

The text messaging app on your phone is another option for transferring Airtel credit or airtime. Continue by opening the app and following the steps below:

Type “2u [Recipient number] [space] [space] [Amount] [space] [PIN ME2U]

After that, submit it to 432. Consider the following example. For example, if you want to pay N1000 in airtime to another Airtel subscriber using the number 08082233445 and your ME2U PIN is 3467.

Then, using your phone’s SMS software, send the following message to 432: 2u 08082233445 1000 3467 (Send)OK).

How can I purchase airtime on my Airtel number?
You may need to know all of the other channels to acquire airtime on the Airtel network if you need to buy airtime on a regular basis (which is why you purchased an Airtel SIM card in the first place). So let’s get started. You can add airtime or credit to your Airtel SIM card at any time of day or night by using the following channels:

On your mobile phone, enter the USSD code *444#. You can recharge immediately from N50 and up. It is compatible with all major banks in Nigeria.
Install and activate the ‘My Airtel Africa’ app (available on Android and Apple app store)
Standard Airtel recharge cards and e-top up via bank ATMs are available from resellers.

Internet banking channels (practically all Nigerian Banks)
Bank apps
eCommerce apps & other apps that offer Airtel airtime or credit for sale
Airtel express shops (around town)
POS sales

How to transfer Airtime on Airtel Lines:

  1. Dial *432# on the line you want to transfer from
  2. Select transfer Airtime.
  3. Enter the number of the recipient.
  4. Input your Me2U pin.
  5. Confirm your transfer by replying with 1.

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