How To Edit Tiktok Caption After Posting

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You will also see; how to change caption font on tiktok and new way how to add caption on tiktok.

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Now, let’s see method How To Edit Tiktok Caption After Posting it online.

What Is Tiktok Caption Use For

Tiktok is one of the most fastest trending video sharing platform after Youtube and Instagram, that has made Tiktok users tremendiously increase to over 2 billion monthly users.

Today, short videos is now the order of the day and that is Tiktok strategy over other platform, in order not to be kick out of business like 2go. other social media app launch their short video program like Facebook Reel, Instagram Reel, Youtube Shorts.

What is Caption?

Caption are short description added to Image or video that best describe what the item is all about.

According to Oxford Online Dictionary; Caption is define as a title or brief explation accompanying an illustration, cartoon, or poster.

So, you want to know How To Edit Tiktok Caption After Posting Video On For You Page.

In this tutorial, you will find method to re-edit your existing Tiktok videos without deleting it.

For You Page

how to edit tiktok video hashtag after posting

how to put a posted tiktok back in drafts

how to edit caption on private tiktok

how to change caption font on tiktok

Before taking this step on this page, understand why you want to edit tiktok caption after posting it.

If you just want to know how to edit tiktok video hashtag after posting then this is what you should do.

How To Edit Tiktok Video Hashtag After Posting

Sadly, once you’ve submitted your TikTok, the only option to change your caption is to quickly delete and re-post. You don’t have to lose all of your progress if you’ve added a lot of effects, music, and changes to your video.

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Here is what to do;

At the bottom right of your screen, tap the ‘Profile’ icon.

Select the video you wish to republish from your profile.

To the right of your video, click the three dots. This brings up the ‘options’ menu.

The option to ‘Save Video’ should be on the left side of the screen. After you’ve chosen that, the video will be downloaded to your device.

Repost the finished video by uploading it from your camera roll, changing the description (and making sure you’ve improved it before posting!)

All that’s left to do is wait for TikTok to introduce a “edit post” option as you relax and watch the likes pour in.

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You cannot alter a video’s caption once it has been posted on TikTok. You don’t have to record and re-post the same information, though, because there is a solution.

If you find the caption problem immediately in the video, itsimple to change the problem by simply re-uploading the identical video onto your profile.

How To Put A Posted Tiktok Back in Drafts

Making Changes to a Draft
As you can see, editing is difficult. The video must be downloaded, uploaded again, edited, and finally posted to TikTok. However, if you submit your video as a draft first, you may avoid this difficulty.

A draft is an unreleased, inaccessible video. You may still go back and make adjustments, though. A draft can be edited as follows:

Visit your profile on TikTok by opening it. Next, choose Drafts. Choose the video you want to modify and share.

Go to the back arrow in the upper left corner.

Make any required adjustments to the text, music, etc. Then click Next down towards the bottom.

Make changes to your captions, audience, and cover photo. Then, choose Post to publish your video or Drafts to store it and make more changes later.

Please keep in mind that your drafts are kept to your TikTok account. All of your drafts will be erased if you remove the TikTok app or clean the cache.

What is the best way to add text to a TikTok video?

You can add text to your TikTok videos after you’ve recorded them in the app and clicked the checkmark. When you click the text area in the upper right corner, other video choices, such as text color and font, emerge. After you’ve completed adding text to your TikTok, you may apply any extra filters you like before finalizing it.

Can I add captions to a saved draft?

Absolutely! You can make several adjustments to your drafts before uploading them. Simply touch on the draft you want to alter and enter your captions. Then you may either save the video as a draft again or share it with everyone to view.

On TikTok, how do you cut a video?

TikTok videos may be edited by pressing the “+” button to start a fresh recording.

After you’ve finished recording the video, select “add a sound” in the top right corner and press the “red button” to start recording the audio. The “Trim” icon may be found by pressing the “Check” button in the bottom right corner.

Once you’ve finished adjusting the duration of your movie, click “Next” to apply effects.

Can I replace the music with a TikTok video?

It’s a little trickier to change the soundtrack. Without a third-party editing program, you won’t be able to dub the audio because it is saved in the original video.

Changing the soundtrack might cause the lip-syncing in most TikTok videos to desynchronize. During production, the soundtrack is applied as a layer to the video and saved as a single file.

However, this approach does return you to the editing screen, so it’s definitely worth a try.

Is it possible for me to limit who comments on my TikTok video?

You can, indeed. Although it’s more of a general control than a control over specific videos, you can manage who may comment on any video you submit. The option may be found under Privacy.

Tap the vertical ellipsis (three-dot icon) from TikTok’s main screen.

Select Privacy from the next screen.

Change Safety settings for Who Can Send Me Comments.

Set who can send you comments to “Everyone” to make your account public, “Friends” to make it friends only. You get the idea. You also see the options “Who Can Duet With Me,” “Who Can React to Me,” and “Who Can Send Me Messages” in the same section. You can edit these in the same way to control who can contact you while using the app.

How To Edit Tiktok Caption After Posting Video On For You Page

How To Use Tiktok HashTag (#)

Does using hashtags on TikTok help you get more engagement and views to your video?

Similar to how hashtags function on Twitter and Instagram, TikTok supports them. When a user searches for a certain hashtag, the content of a video that contains that hashtag will be found. This enables visitors to participate in important or trending topics by using the appropriate hashtags.

What is the for you hashtag on TikTok?

This will help Tiktok algorithm show your video on people’s For you page to related interest.

Do hashtags actually work on TikTok? No.


Your video can go viral after posting evening without using any of the trending tiktok hashtags like;

Some of the most popular TikTok hashtags, those that get the most views, are:









Your Tiktok Video can go Viral after posting withou using Hashtags here is How.

Provided you added a Tiktok Video Caption (Description),Tiktok will pick the Keywords in your caption and use it to understand the category of your Video.

That is why we show you How To Edit Tiktok Caption After Posting Video On For You Page.

But if you still think Tiktok Hashtag works, see a tool to generate Tiktok Hashtag –

It works like Instagram Hashtag Generator

TikTok For You Page (FYP): What You Should know

For You Page on Tiktok show you videos Tiktok bot thinks may relate to your interest which is generated from getting your geo-location and data you have on other app like Facebook and Google.

Yes, that is why we said that Tiktok Hash tag is not a factor of going viral.

This FORYOU Page is also generated from most engaged page for that day on Tiktok and no two person see same ForYou Page the same way.

Just ensure your Tiktok Video Caption has some interesting Keywords on what is trending on Tiktok.

Now you know How To Edit Tiktok Caption After Posting and if HashTag do help to make a Tiktok Video go viral.

Over to you, what will you do now to get the best Tiktok Caption with or without Hashtag on your video?

Do leave an honest comment below this post.

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Do you better understand Video than article, see the Video explanation of this tutorial How To Edit Tiktok Caption After Posting Video

Video: How To Edit Tiktok Caption After Posting

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