Zicotech.ng Registration Coupon Code, Review and Sign Up Fee

Zicotech.ng is an internet marketing platform that promises to provide registered members with daily income. They offer to pay users who carry out specific tasks on the platform with a certain amount of daily commission. The platform also claims to pay registered users who share the referral link with their friends through the affiliate program. According to Zicotech.ng, it is an online network marketing community that aims to utilize social media for learning and earning opportunities. They claim to be the pioneers of technology on their platform.
This article provides a review of Zicotech.ng, with the aim of determining whether it is a legitimate or scam website. It covers a range of topics related to Zicotech.ng, including what the website is, how it works, how to earn money from it, when it was established, and who its founder is. Additionally, the article briefly explains other keywords related to Zicotech.ng, such as the minimum withdrawal amount, the withdrawal methods, and whether the website is paying or not. By the end of the article, readers will have a better understanding of Zicotech.ng and how it operates.

If you are interested in earning through ZICOTECH, there are various ways to do so.

Firstly, you need to pay a registration fee of ₦3,500.

Once you are registered, you will receive a welcome bonus of ₦2,000. You can earn daily by viewing the site, which will fetch you ₦250, and by posting on ZICOTECH, which will make you ₦400.

Additionally, you can earn referral bonuses of ₦2,500, indirect bonuses of ₦300, and 3rd and 4th indirect bonuses of ₦100 each.

If you have participated in the affiliate program, you can withdraw a minimum amount of ₦5,000; for activity earners, the minimum withdrawal amount is ₦20,000. Affiliate withdrawals are allowed on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.

Looking To Earn Money on ZICOTECH?

The platform offers various ways to do so, starting with a sign-up bonus of ₦2000 that will automatically show up in your account. You can also sell digital courses and earn a commission, as well as engage in other tasks such as daily login and sharing sponsored posts. These activities fall under two categories: Affiliate Programs and Simple Tasks. To withdraw funds, you’ll need to have at least ₦20,000 tech cash and can do so every 15th of the month.

People often inquire about the launch date of Zicotech.ng to gain an understanding of its establishment.

According to the information available, the platform was recently launched on April 6th, 2023, indicating that it is a newly established platform.

It is a significant question that people tend to ask to gather relevant information.

Knowing the CEO of Zicotech.ng is crucial before investing

on any platform as it helps to determine if the site can be trusted to pay or not. Although some platforms choose not to disclose their founder, it is important for users to know who they are dealing with in case of any issues that may arise. Despite our efforts to uncover the founder of Zicotech.ng, it remains unknown at the time of writing this article. While some legitimate platforms have anonymous CEOs, it is generally believed that those with good intentions have no reason to hide their leadership. Although the structure of Zicotech.ng appears legitimate, its reliability cannot be guaranteed without the knowledge of its CEO.

How To Get ZicoTech Coupon Code

If you want to purchase a coupon code on Zicotech.ng,

you can do so easily by following the provided instructions. Simply click on the link to view the vendor and make your payment.

You can also contact the vendor through WhatsApp at +234 7065660438 for assistance.

After purchasing your code, check its validity and inform the team member who sold it to you immediately if it is invalid.

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