FCMB USSD Code Activation Without ATM Card

[NEW] How To Activate FCMB Transfer Code Without ATM Card or Going To Bank

If you just opened an account with FCMB and want to start using FCMB USSD Code, you will first register your device and link your phone number for the transfer. activating the FCMB transfer code is not as difficult as you think, in this tutorial, I will take you through the process to register and activate your FCMB USSD code for transfer on your mobile phone without going to the bank.

By Following the below Methods you can know how to use your FCMB Transfer Codes Effectively Without any Obstructions,This post gives you information on how you can activate the First City Monument Bank transfer codes on your mobile phones.

How To Activate FCMB Transfer Code Using USSD

Activate the code also means registering the code on your phone so that you can use it effectively;

To activate the code;

1.  Dial *329*0#

2. Select Create/Reset Code

3. Select your ATM card [For customers with multiple cards]

4. Enter your ATM card pin

5. Create a 4-digit transaction code that you can easily remember

6. Enter your USSD pin

7. You have successfully created your  FCMB Transfer code.

Please make sure you select the receivers bank and confirm the bank details ,Finish the transaction by inputting your pin.

What is FCMB USSD Code Used For

The First City Monument Bank (FCMB) transfer code can be used to:

Send money to any Nigerian bank account.
Examine the account balance.

Purchase airtime and charge your phone.

Below are the other things you can do with the First City Monument Bank transfer code after activating it.

To reset your PIN or reset/create a transaction code. *329*0#
To pay for DSTv or GOTv subscription. *329*2*Amount*Smartcard Number#
To block your debit card. *329#, select self-service, select block card.
To make your electricity bill payments. *329*3*Amount* Meter No# *329*3*Amount*Account ID#
To view your last five transactions. *329#then select mini statement.
To buy data. *329*1* Phone Number#

If you are unable to follow the above process, you should contact your bank or visit your nearest branch.

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