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Quick Code To Borrow Airtime/Data From MTN To My Bank Account In Nigeria

You can directly borrow airtime and data from MTN to make calls or buy data bundles. A data bundle loan might be more expensive than purchasing data bundles with airtime loans.

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When you borrow airtime, the amount will be automatically subtracted from your next recharge. If you to pay back the money being borrowed, you need to pay higher than the amount if you borrowed a data bundle. MTN XtraTime is the service that lets you rent airtime, and MTN XtraByte is the name of the service that lets you rent data.


The $100 that you borrowed will be automatically repaid to MTN when you top up your credit the following time. The entire recharge will go toward paying off your loan if you borrow less airtime when you recharge, and MTN will automatically deduct the difference from your subsequent recharge.

The lowest amount one can borrow from MTN is $25, you must establish credit in order to borrow more money. You achieve this by making frequent use of the XtraTime service. The more airtime you borrow and repay, the more MTN will let you borrow the following time. You can borrow more airtime when you need it the more airtime you credit your phone within a month. Don’t expect MTN to let you borrow $500 or more if you only credit your phone with an average of $200 per month.

How To Borrow Airtime On MTN

By using the app and following the instructions from a USSD code on your phone, you can borrow airtime from MTN.  Use the steps below to borrow airtime in Nigeria.

  • Enter *606# and choose XtraTime.
  • You will be given a list of available loan amounts. Make your choice of quantity.
  • You will then receive a prompt from the network that details the loan you requested and the 15% service charge that will be deducted from your airtime. You’ll be prompted to confirm the transaction.
  • Validate the transaction.

 Use MTN App To Borrow Airtime Or Data

You can download the MyMTN app from the MTN website or the Apple App Store. You can use it to access a range of MTN services, including subscriptions as well as buying, lending, and transferring airtime and data bundles. follow these steps to borrow airtime from MTN using the app:

  • Open the MTN app on your mobile phone.
  • Start the app
  • Select Recharge from the menu bar at the bottom of the app launch screen.
  • The menu will be grid-based. Click borrow.
  • A list of XtraByte and XtraTime loan options will be displayed. Select the XtraTime option you feel is best.
  • A prompt to confirm your loan will appear. Click “Go”

To have full access to this app [myMTN NG App] you can also easily manage your account. The myMTN NG app also allows you to link your NIN to your line, activate data bundles, check your data and airtime balance, and view the details of your SIM profile.

mymtn app

Kindly download the app for free from the Google Play store and Apple Appstore.

Method to Borrow Data from MTN Without Paying Back

ways to borrow data from MTN without having to pay it back. The steps are listed below.

  • Purchase an MTN SIM card, then put it in your phone.
  • Make sure that your SIM has lasted for a long period of time.
  • To borrow data, dial *606# (any amount you wish).
  • Utilize every bit of the Data you rented.
  • Remove your SIM card and never use it again (Break it or throw it away).

That is the only approach you can use if you’re one of those looking for a way to borrow Data from MTN without having to pay it back. You won’t pay back the loan you took out from MTN but all of your contacts will be lost, and your line will be deactivated.

Qualifications For Obtaining MTN Airtime Loan

Only if you are eligible can you borrow airtime. You must: in order to be qualified for the XtraTime service.

  • Make use of prepaid services. it will help you purchase only the data and airtime they anticipate using with their purchasing power.
  • Go and obtain a registered MTN line to store on your SIM card.
  • As a new customer don’t need to borrow from MTN if you newly open your SIM, must be more than three months of MTN network usage.
  • If you want to borrow, borrow at least 200 each month and be a member of the network for 3 months prior to trying to borrow airtime from MTN. By purchasing more airtime from MTN, you have greater access to their loans.
  • You will not be able to borrow money until you pay off any outstanding MTN airtime debt. The remaining portion of your borrowing limit may be requested if your previous loan does not exceed the maximum loan amount that the MTN permits you to borrow.
  • If MTN allows you to borrow up to 200, for instance, and you have already borrowed 50, MTN will still let you borrow another 150, even if you haven’t paid off your previous debt.

Code To Borrow Money From MTN

Any MTN data bundle can be accessed through the following channels: By dialing *131*1# or *904# and choosing your preferred data plan, you can use USSD. Sending the keyword “bundle plan” to 131 via SMS.

In conclusion: The process of borrowing airtime/data from MTN is incredibly simple. When you will never run out of airtime when you most need it, you can look up Airtel/data borrowing procedures.

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