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What You Need TO know About Fake Transfer App [Downloader] In Nigeria

There are many fake transfers of money all over the world now, and this have being the fear of people “How do I  know the real app”? How does the app operator”

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Most people make use of mobile banking apps but they frequently lack the ability to recognize fraudulent apps for transfer online. I am going to list out reliable credit card mobile apps to keep you safe from fraudulent banking apps.


Fraudsters imitate banking apps from large international banks like Citibank, Wells Fargo, Santander, HSBC, ING, Chase, and Bank of Scotland, claims Avast. They frequently assume the appearance of lifestyle and gaming apps and employ social engineering techniques to trick users into downloading them.

You should be aware of the most recent fraud using a phony banking app. Be careful of people who falsely claim that money has been transferred to your account by showing you a screenshot of a bank transfer made using a fake app.


Any payment in form of a transfer (bank account) online should be checked with ease. Check your bank account online to see if the funds have been deposited into your account.

Fake Transfer App

  • Eversend: send money
  • Zion bank mobile banking
  • Fax receive
  • Quick receipt
  • Bnioline
  • BDME Connect
  • Mediasoft secure

How Malware Operates

Cybercriminals infect smartphones with malware in order to trick users into using their fake mobile apps. Once a user downloaded one of the apps, any banking apps already installed on their device would be targeted by the Trojan. Chase, Wells Fargo, and Citi were three of the targeted banks.

The fake app pretended to be the bank’s service for mobile banking tokens, used in identity management and transaction authorization, but when you closely look at it, it reveals that it lacks all of the functionality it claims to have.

How to Guard Yourself Against Fake Apps

To prevent unauthorized access to your financial information:

  • Check The App’s Legitimacy

You should make sure the banking apps, you are using are legitimate and have authorized versions. To ensure that you are using the genuine article, get in touch with your bank directly if you notice anything issue.

  • Authorized App Stores

You should only download apps from legitimate stores like Google Play and the Apple App Store. Download a mobile antivirus protection app that can identify malware on your phone.

  • Think Again Prior to Jailbreaking Your Phone

Avoid using your smartphone to conduct mobile banking if it has been “jailbroken,” or avoid certain restrictions placed on the operating system of the device.

  • Always update your smartphone

Downloading the most recent operating system and security updates will save you from the most recent attacks.

  • Avoid clicking links in emails and texts. 

You should be careful of links in emails and texts, just like you should be on your computer or tablet. Make sure you are familiar with the sender before clicking.

By reading this post, you can now know the app that does fake transfers, so you can not fall victim to it. but if you have fallen victim kindly rush to the bank or contact the customer care of your bank for help. THANKS.


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