Top Best Money Saving App With Interest In Nigeria (All You Should Know Before Downloading)

some people may ask this question, the best saving apps that have the highest interest rate in Nigeria? we have a lot of legit saving apps such as cowrywise App, chime- Mobile Banking App, mint app, and Qapital App with these apps you will get more interest in your savings.

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Best Money Savings Apps

  • Cowrywise App
  • Piggyvest App
  • Chime – mobile banking App
  • ALAT by Wema App
  • Sumo trust  App
  • Kuda Bank App
  • v bank App

Cowrywise App

Cowrywise is one of the best money-saving apps that provide monthly, and one-time interest rates on savings accounts.

Percent rate: The company gives up to 8.5% money annually based on how much interest you receive each time.

Piggyvest App

Piggyvest is a saving app that assists its, users, to manage their finances in an easy and open way. The Piggyvest app has over a million downloads on the Google Play Store and offers a change of savings plans to reach the needs of its users. How much interest does piggyvest give? that’s good to ask.

It offers huge interest rates for your country (Nigeria). The interest rates for piggyvest savings plans are listed below:

Investing Up to 25%
Flex Dollar 6.5%
Flex Naira 10%
PiggyBank normal savings 10%
Safelock 15.5%
Target/Group savings 10%

ALAT by Wema App

it is a saving app that you can perform all of your transactions using your electronic devices from the comfort of your home.

ALAT enables you to select a savings goal, choose how much to save, and how long to save it . You have the right choice to save by your own . The Group Savings option also lets you decide whether to save by yourself or other person.

Kuda Bank App

The app gives its users the freedom to choose between three different saving options: Main Savings, which allows users to save on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis; Fixed Savings, which locks away your savings for a year; and Mission Savings, which is designed for users with projects that must be finished by a certain deadline.

Interest rate: SumoTrust guarantees an annual interest rate of 15% on the “Fixed Deposit” account and 10% on the “Main Savings” and “Mission Savings” accounts.




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