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Top 50 Cheapest Countries To Study Abroad On A Low Budget 2023

Are you planning to travel abroad to study in America, Kenya, U.S.A, France, India, Australia, for any course of your choice? The most affordable place to study abroad (best universities) that have a low budget and provides good quality education to foreign students and also offer high employment rates.

You are seeking for an affordable international education schools to study, with this article, you will know about various country programs’ costs depending on their universities, locations, and programs. and the benefit that you will enjoy when studying overseas, receive scholarships to finish your degrees on a low budget. Your first-year teaching costs for who so ever want to study abroad are listed below every nation.

  • U.S.A
  • India
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Greece
  • Sweden
  • France
Courses MBA

(in lakh)


(in lakh)


(in lakh)

USA 28.88 22.95 26.03
Canada 26.78 11.50 22.36
UK 20.82 20.52 18.72
Australia 21.97 22.56 21.49
New Zealand 23.79 20.14 17.05
Singapore 26.11 22.33 15.44
Germany 13.14 79.05K 1.04
France 20.95 7.94 6.61
Netherlands 23.63 14.13 8.70
Ireland 12.32 11.86 10.98
Sweden NA 11.49 9.64

This is a list of well-known nations, their top colleges, and other details that you need to know are listed below. Among students who travel overseas for higher education, these nations are very popular.

 The United States of America

This is the top-ranked institution in the world. In terms of undergraduate, graduate, and other degree programs, these colleges are famous for providing the best student. The majority of the nation’s top universities in U.S.A are found in major urban areas like Boston, New York, Cambridge, Old Saybrook, New Haven, etc. Popular programs for international students to study in the USA include B.Tech., B.Sc., BBA, MBA, MS, MFA, MBBS, and others.

Universities QS Ranking 2023 (in World)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 1
Stanford University 3
Harvard University 5
California Institute of Technology (Caltech) 6
University of Chicago 10
University of Pennsylvania 13
Princeton University 16
Yale University 18
Cornell University 20
Columbia University 22


Australia is one of the best countries that has low fees in their universities and their academic institutions are concentrated in the state of New South Wales, which is on the country’s East coast. The majority of the nation’s top universities are found in major cities including Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth. This are courses that you can study in Australia include Accounting, Master of business administration (MBA), Health care, Information Technology, and Hotel Management.

Universities QS Ranking 2023 (in World)
Australian National University 30
The University of Melbourne 33
The University of Sydney 41
The University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney) 45
The University of Queensland 50
Monash University 57
The University of Western Australia 90
The University of Adelaide 109
University of Technology Sydney 137
University of Wollongong 185


Well known country and well liked among international students because of its creativity that why it being called a “country of ideals”.
The Heidelberg University, Technical University of Munich, Free University of Berlin, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, and the Humboldt University of Berlin are few of the famous universities there. For your first year, tuition costs range is from INR 34,000 to INR 13.14 lakh. The amount of money you need to sustain yourself as an international students is around INR 3.77 lakh, though this amount may change based on where you live and your style of life.

Universities QS Ranking 2023 (in World)
Technical University of Munich 49
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universities München 59
Ruprecht-Karls-Universities Heidelberg 65
Freie Universities Berlin 118
Humboldt-Universities zu Berlin 131
KIT, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology 141
RWTH Aachen University 147
Technische Universities Berlin 158
Eberhard Karls Universities Tübingen 169
Albert-Ludwigs-Universities Freiburg 189


For undergraduate, graduate, and other degree programs, the tuition ranges from about INR 11,820 to INR 20.95 lakh for the first year. At prestigious French universities like the Ecole Normale Supérieure, Ecole Polytechnique, Pierre-et-Marie-Curie University, etc., students can apply for admission to study. The best places to study in France are Courbevoie, Grenoble, Lille, Lyon, Nantes, Paris, Rennes, etc.

Universities QS Ranking 2023 (in World)
Universities PSL 26
Institut Polytechnique de Paris 48
Sorbonne University 60
Universit Paris-Saclay 69
École Normale Supérieure de Lyon 111
Ecole des Ponts ParisTech 174
Université Paris Cité 248
Sciences Po 259
Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne 300
Université Grenoble Alpes 317


Sweden is a highly regarded universities that provide students with the top academic programs. Majority of this nation’s top universities are located in cities like Dublin, Limerick, and Galway. The popular subjects taken by students in Sweden include language & literature, business studies, nursing, and social sciences. By you following the simple application process outlined by the Swedish Universities, there will give you admission straightway as an international student.

Universities QS Ranking 2023 (in World)
KTH Royal Institute of Technology 89
Lund University 95
Chalmers University of Technology 125
Uppsala University 128
Stockholm University 153
University of Gothenburg 185
Linköping University 320
Umea University 369

In this article, you can now see different Cheapest Countries To Study Abroad On A Low Budget, that you can attend to becoming the best of you and gaining B.Tech., B.Sc., BBA, MBA, MS, MFA, MBBS, and others certificates. Also have the the opportunity to visit countries like America, Kenya, the U.S., France, India, Australia of your studies.

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