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crs.cbn.gov.ng CBN Link For OLD Naira Notes To Deposit in other Banks(+ Final Deadline)

In order for Nigerians to easily deposit old naira notes in any bank nearest to them, Central Bank of Nigeria launch a web portal (CBN deposit Portal) which depositor can fill online to generate reference code and print the tracking form to their bank to accept old naira notes.

The CBN depositor portal is call Currency Redemption Service (CRS) and can be access online with the public CBN Link as crs.cbn.gov.ng

CBN Currency Redesign - Cash Return Portal
CBN Currency Redesign – Cash Return Portal

On this page, you can get started to track your Old Naira Deposit status (progress) after you might have created account or you can generate reference code to deposit your old naira notes.

If you want to track your deposit progress, follow this CBN link here.

How To Do Deposit Tracking on CBN Portal (Yourself)

Provide your BVN and Tracking Reference Number to proceed

Note that each input have maximum deposit amount. if you are an individual, please select individual and continue.

  • Enter your CBN reference code/ Tracking Reference.
  • Then, press/click search to go to the tracking page.

How To Fill CBN Deposit Form For Old Naira Notes Online

In this section, you will see our the correct complete method to fill and generate CBN reference code. Also CBN Link For OLD Naira Notes Deposit.

Before you can be able to generate CBN reference code, you need to fill and print this form on this page. like the image you see below.

To go this page, click here and fill the each provided fields on the page.

Please note that deposits to either CBN or your bank can ONLY be done ONCE, please provide all the required information to proceed.

Step 1:

Visit the official CBN Link Website https://crs.cbn.gov.ng/get-started/new

Step 2:

Fill in the form with your own correct details (if you are the one that want to deposit the money).

  • Bank Account Number.
  • Bank Account Name.
  • Bank Name.
  • Depositor Phone Number.
  • Depositor Address.
  • Depositor Email Address.
  • Old Naira Note Denomination.
  • Total Deposit.
  • Bank Verification Number (BVN).
  • Depositor Type (Corporate or Individual).

Fill in this details correctly and click on generate reference code.

To complete this process, the CBN said that the ‘condition for redemption of currency’ must be met.

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