How To Stop MTN Data Auto-Renewal In 2023

In Nigeria, MTN offers data bundles that can keep you connected daily, weekly and monthly, and you can also enjoy late-night browsing. In this post, you will discover many techniques to stop or cancel MTN data plans with a short code.

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MTN has supplied what you require to completely stop the automatic renewal of your data plans, just like 9mobile, Glo, and Airtel. By using this code, you are just instructing MTN not to renew your data without first notifying you.

How To Stop MTN Auto-Renewal

  • To check your current plan, first dial *123*5*1# and respond 2 to the prompt.
  • Next, copy the subscription code from the list of MTN data plans available in Nigeria.
  • Send the No+Subscription code to *131#  to stop auto-renewal on the MTN daily plan (50MB).

To Stop Auto-Renewal For MTN Subscription

On MTN, there are methods for stopping auto-renewal. Any of the following techniques are acceptable:

How You Can Stop Auto- Renewal For MTN Subscription

You can terminate your MTN Daily subscription by following provided procedures below to stop your daily auto-renewal.

  • To begin, simply dial *131# on your MTN phone.
  • Choose the right option from the list that is shown.
  • If you wish to activate the data plan, simply press 1.
  • Press the number 8 to access the “Manage Data” menu.
  • Select your choice and press the 3 keys on your numeric pad.

How To Cancel Auto-Renewal On MTNCaller Tunes

In MTN Caller Tune service, you cancel auto-renewal due to the fact that a large number of users have wrongly signed up for the service and don’t want to use their airtime for anything other than talking and texting. If you fall into this category, follow these instructions to stop receiving MTN caller Tunes.

Send “CANCEL” as a plain-text SMS to *4100# to cancel MTN caller tunes.

How To Cancel Auto-Renewal On MTN Xtra Value

You can easily cancel the MTN Xtravalue plan at any time, provided you have adequate airtime left on your phone. if you decide you no longer want to be a part of it, you will be charged N100 cost if you cancel the plan.

To switch to one of your chosen MTN plans, all you have to do is migrate. You can switch to MTN-Impulse, for instance, by dialing *406 #, or to MTN-M-Impulse, by dialing *344 #. After the move, you can join one of your chosen plans and cancel the MTN XtraValue rate plan.

MTN Opt-Out Codes

MTN offers a range of data plans, including hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly options. All you have to do is send the activation code to “*131#” with “Number” added before it.

Data Plan Price Cancel Auto-Renewal (SMS to 131) Validity
25MB N50 NO114 24hours
75MB N100 NO104 24hours
1GB N350 NO155 24hours
200MB N200 N0113 48hours
2GB N500 N0154 48hours
350MB N300 NO102 7days
750MB N500 NO103 7days
1.5GB N1000 NO106 30days
2GB N1200 NO130 30days
3.5GB N2000 NO110 30days
6.5GB N3500 NO107 30days
11GB N5000 NO116 30days
25GB N10000 NO117 30days
60GB N20000 NO118 30days
100GB N30000 NO138 30days
120GB N50000 NO133 90days
150GB N70000 NO134 90days

Daily MTN Plans:

25MB for N50 – NO114 to *131#

75MB for N100 – NO104 to *131#

1GB for N350 – NO 155 to *131#

2-Day MTN Plans:

200MB for N200 – NO113 to *131#

2GB for N500 – NO154 to *131#

Weekly MTN Plans:

350MB for N300 – NO102

750MB for N500 – NO103

Monthly MTN Plans:

1.5GB for N1000 – NO106

2GB for N1200 – NO130

3.5GB For N2000 – NO110

6.5GB For N3500 – NO107

11GB for N5000 – NO116

25GB for N10000 – NO117

60GB for N20000 – N0118

100GB for N30000 – NO138

3-Months MTN Plans:

120GB for N50000 – NO133

150GB for N70000 – NO134

The simplest method to stop auto-renewal on any data plan offered by MTN is to utilize the code sent through SMS. Call *131# and then follow the on-screen instructions to stop the auto-renewal feature for the MTN data plan.

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