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No doubt that if you decided to view your friend’s WhatsApp stories/ Day, especially if you live in Nigeria.

Before the end of your friend’s list, you will definitely view a WhatsApp TV or post from a WhatsApp TV in Nigeria.

WhatsApp TV With The Highest Views

There are different categories of WhatsApp TV, but there are some niches that get the highest views in Nigeria.

WhatsApp TV With The Highest Views in Nigeria and What is WhatsApp TV all about.



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What is WhatsApp TV ?

Make money using whatsApp in Nigeria

WhatsApp TV is a method where WhatsApp Users can be able to Monetize WhatsApp and get paid from sponsored post advert and viral videos.

This is not associated with WhatsApp company but an initiative by Nigeria Content Creator to get more views.

Want to learn more about WhatsApp Monetization, check out our tutorial on WhatsApp Monetization Course: How To Monetize WhatsApp And Make Money

There are popular WhatsApp TV in Nigeria, which we will make mention of and also explain the highest viewed category and how to start a WhatsApp TV.

Keep reading down,

Top 10 WhatsApp TV in Nigeria with The Highest Views

Here is list of WhatsApp TV in Nigeria to follow, these channel fall under a main category which you will get to know very soon.

  1. Jolly TV
  2. Today Sports TV.
  3. Korrect Sports TV.
  4. Jay TV.
  5. Ancestor TV.
  6. Babafaros TV.
  7. Trendz TV.
  8. LightUP TV.
  9. LXG TV.

You can see that most name sound like the purpose of the WhatsApp TV, and that is the Category which they fall under.

get more whatsapp views


Jolly TV is more about entertainment, memes, relationships talk, comedies etc.

Best WhatsApp TV Contact Details: 07041161668

This will also help you know the best name to give a WhatsApp TV.

List Of WhatsApp TV Niches in Nigeria

  • Entertainment.
  • News.
  • Sport.
  • Meme.
  • Update.
  • Business.
  • Lifestyle.
  • Game.
  • Tech Review.
  • Ecommerce.
  • Comedy.
  • Gist.

After a post on I made about starting WhatsApp TV , some persons message me that their WhatsApp usually hang while using it for WhatsApp TV.

So, I ask them for phone specification and did my research on best phone to run WhatsApp TV.

Here is What I found out.

Best Phone To Run WhatsApp TV

best phone to run whatsapp tv
Best Phone to run WhatsApp TV

Any good android phone and iPhone can do it perfectly well, but depending on your phone processor and RAM/ROM.

To get fast and smooth running experience, it is recommended you use a phone that has;

4 – 8 GB RAM, 64 – 128 GB ROM

Any product of phone can work just that specification that you need, which is stated above.

Redmi, iPhone, Infinix and any other good one

Now you have what it takes to get started, let see what you call your WhatsApp TV channel.

Best Name To Give A WhatsApp TV

Your WhatsApp TV name is as important as your brand name, avoid using an already existing WhatsApp TV name or brand.

Pick a unique that fit what you will be posting daily.

You can take your time and brainstorm, list out all idea in your head on a notebook.

Then, pick the best one that sound good and new.

Get a graphics designer to design your logo and branding for images.

Create WhatsApp TV Flyer to display your category and contact details.

In our next series, you see how to create a WhatsApp TV, get more views

How To Make Money With WhatsApp TV

There are numerous ways to make money on WhatsApp, having a WhatsApp TV or not.

  • Selling Product.
  • Offer service.
  • Affiliate Marketing.
  • Sponsored Post.
  • Endorsement.
  • Traffic To Blog/ YouTube Channel.

How To Get More Views On WhatsApp Without Disturbing Your Contact

Create and post creative stories on a daily basis and promote your contact on blogs and YouTube channel.

Another method is doing giveaway for those that will save your contact and message you to save theirs.

Ensure to back up your WhatsApp with your Gmail and save your contact to google drive.

Use the latest WhatsApp Business App and Tools.

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Published on April 20, 2022 @ 8:25 pm

Trade Your Gift Card & Bitcoin Fast With Legit Chinese Vendor On WhatsApp (Best Gift Card Rate)

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Trade Your Gift Card & Bitcoin Fast With Legit Chinese Vendor On WhatsApp (Best Gift Card Rate)