Most Popular Top Best Legit Whatsapp TV in Nigeria 2023 (With Highest Views On Status)

Jolly TV, Jorra Media...

WhatsApp TV targets people who are actively active on Whatsapp and there are lots of people doing WhatsApp TV, maybe it is very profiting like Youtube or Tiktok. One major way WhatsApp Tv owner makes money is through advertisement and sponsored content.

But, there are some few WhatsApp TV that scam advertiser of their money for advert and never post their advert on their WhatsApp TV status. We have gotten lots of report from people and we remove them from the list of  Top WhatsApp Tv with the Highest Views in Nigeria.

However, there are WhatsApp TV that are legit and have many views daily because of good content like Entertainment, Meme, Skit, Football news, Business Tips and lots more.

In this post, you will see list of our Top WhatsApp Tv with the Highest Views in Nigeria and Owner contact details.

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Why You Need Top WhatsApp Tv with the Highest Views in Nigeria

Over 2 Billion internet user uses WhatsApp daily and people trust what they see in whatsapp status because it is their friends or someone they have save their contact that posted it.

WhatsApp TV is one of the most popular means of getting your product sold. Not just that, there are many things people use it for. Some people are making cool cash from it.


It is easier to create awareness of your product and get more sales by paying those WhatsApp TV owners to advertise it for you.


Another important of using WhatsApp TV to advertise your product is that it is always cheaper than many other means of advertising and you get direct contact to your whatsapp DM and they also save your Contact.

Since you have know why and reason to contact WhatsApp Tv for Advert placement, lets see best whatsapp tv 2022/2023.

Top WhatsApp Tv with the Highest Views in Nigeria And Contact Details

  1. Jolly Tv.
  2. Jorra Media TV.
  3. Trendz Tv.
  4. Babafaros Tv.
  5. Jay Tv.
  6. Today Sport TV.
  7. Gistfans TV
  8. Ancestor TV.
  9. Lightup Tv.
  10. FunYard TV.

I want to write up to 100+ WhatsApp Tv that is legit but I can’t list them just like that, if you have a WhatsApp Tv and want to be among the list, just send me a message on WhatsApp and send details about your WhatsApp Tv incuding number of daily views.

Jolly TV

Jolly TV is one of the most popular and fastest-growing WhatsApp TV channels, owned and managed by a lady by the name of Joy.

Jolly TV will keep you up to date on Nigerian current stories and gists, BB9ja news, amusing memes and gists, confessional nights, relationship advice sessions, monthly giveaways, and the face of Jolly TV beauty pageant.

Jolly TV is an entertainment media outlet that redefines entertainment to keep you active and lighten up your day. It has over 26k contacts and 7k daily page visits.

I personally encourage my viewers to become members of the Jolly TV family. The fact that this television is owned by a woman adds to the intrigue.

Jolly TV WhatsApp Number is 07041161668


JorraMedia Tv

Jorra Media is one of the fastest rising entertainment hub and WhatsApp TV. I really recommend this TV if you’re looking to chase away boredom and advertise your business on a larger scale of audience. They post funny memes, videos and other entertaining stuff you wouldn’t want to miss out on. If you’re looking for your favorite entertainment channel to engage in then I advise you join Jorra media right now!

Contact JorraMedia Tv on WhatsApp

JorraMedia WhatsApp Tv Number: 07032608355


Trendz Tv

Trendz TV is one of Nigeria’s popular WhatsApp TV, producing material centered on information, breaking news, memes, hookups, confession nights, and a variety of other topics. It’s an all-in-one TV package, and it’s Nigeria’s first WhatsApp TV to feature movie and music video reviews.


Furthermore, the television broadcasts intriguing data about Nigeria, particularly in the subject of education, for those who want to learn more about the people’s education and culture.

Trendz TV thinks that education is not a preparation for life, but rather life itself, and we aspire to become the internet’s most trustworthy source of information on Nigeria, Nigerian schools, and all things Nigerian in the future.


For all updates on school curses, as well as well as Undergraduates, Trendz TV is just right at your fingertips to provide you with everything you need. It is the most recommended Whatsapp TV for students.

Trendz WhatsApp TV Number 09121470689


Babafaros TV


Babafaros TV is a popular WhatsApp TV channel providing entertainment, news, and information about the ASUU strike as well as school updates. The television station is owned and operated by a well-known and popular University of Ibadan student (UI).


You can obtain first-hand knowledge about what’s going on in the country with Babafaros TV on your phone, which could save you time and money.


Babafaros TV is one of the best I’ve ever seen, with over 12k daily views, making it excellent for running advertisements to attract customers to your business.


The number for Babafaros Whatsapp TV is 08064189480.


Lightup TV


Light Up TV is the ideal place to go for fun and amusement. Members can also make legitimate money online by watching the TV.

LightUp TV is without a doubt one of the best and most well-known television channels, with the largest daily views, making it a prime target for advertisers and entrepreneurs looking to reach a bigger audience.

Finally, the television broadcasts enormous giveaways every weekend and a bizarre confession night that will brighten your mood.

The WhatsApp number for LightUp TV is 09057934517.

Infinity TV


Infinity WhatsApp TV has been designed just for football fans. When I miss a crucial football match, instead of heading to YouTube to watch videos that will consume a large amount of my data, I check Infinity Status.

Infinity TV is the greatest TV for daily football updates, including news, statistics, and highlights from the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, and Champions League.

Advertisements can also be placed on WhatsApp TV.

The WhatsApp number for Infinity TV is 08154310460.


Ancestor TV


Ancestor TV is owned and maintained by a dedicated individual who is concerned about the well-being of his viewers.

Ancestor Whatsapp TV is a media source for amusement, gist, and fun. The TV also has confession nights, which is both entertaining and informative.

Nonetheless, the TV has a good number of daily viewers (about 11k) where you may place your advertisements at a low cost.

The telephone number for Ancestor TV is 09054945467.


Jay TV


When it comes to adult WhatsApp TV in Nigeria, Jay TV is the greatest. The TV mainly focuses on adult contents.

Subscribe to The Jay’s TV status updates to stay up to date on the latest memes and twerk videos!!

On their Telegram channel, they have extremely explicit adult-rated stuff… Updates on blockbuster movies, HD wallpapers, and more fantastic items…

The phone number for Jay TV is 07012276229.


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Today sport YV


This is a different type of television that aims to provide you with live football updates, goals, highlights, transfer news, football trolls, and more.

If you enjoy football, you should never overlook Today Sports TV because it broadcasts match updates from all of the main leagues, including the Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, Spanish League, and Champions League.

You can get all of these notifications right on your phone.

The number for today’s Sports TV is 09023569531.


Gist fans Whatsapp TV


Gist Fans is a site that focuses on Arts and Entertainment, as well as a WhatsApp TV channel. The TV also features amusing memes, jokes, and other entertainment, as well as airtime giveaways at least once a month. Advertisements can be inserted at a low cost.

The phone number for Gist Fans TV is 08095459350.

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If you like your WhatsApp TV to be listed here, please contact me on WhatsApp.

In our next series, you will see how to start your own whatsapp tv, whatsapp tv name and apps to use plus best phone.

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