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WhatsApp Use For WhatsApp TV, Write Up, Name Ideas and Design Apps + Links

Do you want to get started with WhatsApp TV Business and you are overthinking how to create WhatsApp TV write Up and Status Video with watermark and Design Apps used. here in this post, you will find detailed guide on getting started with WhatsApp TV and choosing perfect name and WhatsApp TV type.

Also, how you can create WhatsApp TV links for people to view your status without you adding them to contact list.

There are lots of amazing features with the new WhatsApp app you will see here, most people install all kind of WhatsApp and automation app to do what these one WhatsApp can do and not allow your WhatsApp Phone hanging or stop working.

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Due to the memory usage of this WhatsApp TV files, not all smartphone will allow you do WhatsApp tv without hanging that is why we have listed best phone to run WhatsApp tv.

We have did a roundoff post where we mentioned list of WhatsApp Tv in Nigeria and their contact details, we will frequently update that page as we get nest WhatsApp tv names.

However, we might do a separate page to list adult WhatsApp tv to ensure we do not promote porn tv and related content on our website.

In order for you to have and grow a popular WhatsApp tv, you need to create and get WhatsApp TV Logo, WhatsApp TV Write Up, memes, Videos and a separate WhatsApp phone number to start with.

If you do not have these or have a budget to get a professional graphics designer, there are cheaper alternative to get started.

Whatsapp Tv The Highest Views

What is WhatsApp Tv All About

WhatsApp TV is a contact that post status daily to entertain, educate, connect users on WhatsApp with the intention to make profit and get more viewers to see their status. 

There are different WhatsApp TV niches and names, this channel of business is currently popular and in hot demand in Nigeria now.

In fact, according to research and findings I discover that WhatsApp TV is originated from Nigeria as a business. the other type of WhatsApp on TV is just a way to connect WhatsApp to your smart TV.

So, if you which to dive into this business with your smartphone. here are some important and useful apps that will help you get work done faster and some are free.

How To Create WhatsApp TV

Here is what I personally used to start and own WhatsApp tv, please try to use a separate WhatsApp to avoid loosing important contact you previously have.

Apps you need to start WhatsApp TV:

  • GB WhatsApp Pro/ WhatsApp Business.
  • Canva App.
  • PicsArt.
  • InShot.
  • Google Drive.
  • AllinoneVideoDownloader.

How To Get WhatsApp TV Name ideas

Getting a name you can add and use forever for your WhatsApp TV and name that is not bad or hard to remember. you just have to know the WhatsApp tv niche you want to open and WhatsApp tv contact you have.

Best Name To Give A WhatsApp TV

One important tips in choosing WhatsApp TV names is to choose a memorable name just like Jolly TV, Jorra media and the likes.

Try to also keep the spelling relatively short and simple.

After getting your perfect name, next thing is how to get more views on my WhatsApp tv.

How To Get More Views On My WhatsApp TV

The way I got more WhatsApp Tv Contact and got more views is through consistency and promoting my WhatsApp tv link on blogs, Facebook group, telegram channel and group.

And doing weekly WhatsApp TV contest giveaway, that you will need banner advert and add your WhatsApp TV logo.

You can consider taking some training on WhatsApp marketing success and WhatsApp TV.

Here is one by a very good friend of mine – Legacy Benjamin.

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It will shock you to know that the total number of WhatsApp users in Nigeria skyrocketed to over 4,500,000 (4.5 million) users in 2022. Furthermore, It is estimated that by 2025, the total number of WhatsApp users in Nigeria will be around 8,130,000 (8.13 million)

Are you a student, worker, or teacher looking for a side hustle?

Did you know the first WhatsApp TV in Nigeria (Pot TV) has a company car with 7 employees working at its backend?

Just like the Pot TV, with a successful WhatsApp TV, you can earn at least ₦150,000 monthly, that’s about ₦5,000 daily from just building an active audience community on WhatsApp

The WhatsApp TV business is one of the most profitable businesses in Nigeria. It has helped hundreds of Nigerians (mostly students in high institutions) settle school bills, and also build a stable online businesses and never have to bother about being broke while in school.

If I should teach you everything you need to know about WhatsApp TV in Nigeria would you be interested? If your mind says YES!!, then this might be the only information you need to change your life and earn good figures online.

For upcoming WhatsApp TV owners, I know you have always wanted to start a WhatsApp TV in Nigeria that will earn you passive income. You are struggling now because you need the right strategy to go about running your TV

In this ebook course you will discover the following;

✅ How To Start A WhatsApp TV in Nigeria that pumps money into your account very well

✅ 5 Powerful, Untapped Tools Needed To Run A WhatsApp TV

✅ How To Grow Your TV Audience The Right Way That Will Make People Know, Like And Trust Your TV Brand

✅ How To Run A WhastApp TV That Never Gets Your Phone Freezing

✅ Best WhatsApp TV Monetization Strategies You Can Use To Earn Six Figures In 90 Days If You Start Today

Who is this Ebook for?

This Ebook is basically for you if:

✅ You are a student looking for a side hustle, and how to make the best use of the ASUU strike and during stay-at-home periods

✅ You are a blogger who is tired of paying heavy money to build an email list

✅ You are an entrepreneur and you need a large audience to promote and sell your products or services

✅ You are a struggling WhatsApp TV but your TV is crumbling; you have no audience, you have no views

Now ask yourself these questions;

What will an extra ₦150,000 do to your account?

How many bills will it pay?

How happy will you become if you start earning such an amount?

Turn your imagination into reality, discover how to build your own WhatsApp TV and earn six figures monthly.

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How To Get WhatsApp TV Advertisement (Ads)

As your WhatsApp TV channel grows and become popular, people will contact you for advert placement, also you can post a WhatsApp TV write up that you accept advertisement.

Another way is for people to refer you to their friends that want to advertise their products and business.

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How To Make WhatsApp TV Write Up

There are lots of photo editing apps and software and video editing app that you can use to make your WhatsApp Tv write up to post daily or just hire a graphics designer, but if you feel it is quiet expensive.

Learn how to use Photo editing apps like pro.

If you want to design your first WhatsApp TV logos, here is an app to use and how to do it.


How To Generate WhatsApp TV links

You can get your WhatsApp contact link when you use WhatsApp Business App or GB WhatsApp, you go to settings and find it.

Also, you can simply add wa.me/yourphonenumber without the plus sign or country code.

However, you can create a custom write up that links directly to your WhatsApp contact by going to Wa.link and create custom links message.


Hope this tutorial guide help, please do share this post with friend to get more people see it and learn.

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