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(Hawkit Login) How To Withdraw From Hawkit, minimum withdrawal & Maximum Withdrawal

Hawkit Maximum Withdrawal, Hawkit Payment Proof (All You Need To Know)

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How To Withdraw From Hawkit; here are other things you will also find out, Hawkit Maximum Withdrawal and minimum withdrawal, Hawkit Payment Proof (All You Need To Know).

In Hawkit, users can purchase food items and groceries for lower than market prices. Hawkit is an e-commerce platform that provides fast online shopping. If you are searching for hawkit ng app download, hawkit ng legit, how to fund my hawkit account, hawkit whatsapp number, what is all about.

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How Hawkit Works

As a customer orders a food item, it will be delivered directly to their door at no additional cost. As an alternative to food delivery, Hawkit offers social tasks that earn users money, up to ₦5,000 per day.

Hawkit also allows you to start an airtime or data business. You will purchase airtime or data on Hawkit (at a 10% to 50% discount) and resell it to other people.

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How to withdraw money from Hawkit

Whenever you have up to ₦1,000 on Hawkit, you can always withdraw it into your local bank account. Follow the steps below to place your withdrawal.

Login to your Hawkit account
From your account dashboard, locate and click on the “Withdraw” button
Input the amount of money you want to withdraw. The minimum amount you can cash out is ₦1,000
Enter your bank account details
Provide your Hawkit PIN to complete your withdrawal

Hawkit Customer Care: Where is the Hawkit head office located?

Managing their services out of a Nigerian office is Hawkit’s primary business model.
Any Lagos resident can come to this office and file complaints or ask questions.

Hawkit WhatsApp Number

Hawkit’s headquarters is located in Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria, on Allen Avenue. It is open for anyone with an enquiry about their service or product to visit them at any time of day.
Perform Social Tasks and Earn

Hawkit Review

Turn your social media accounts into sources of revenue.
Get daily income up to ₦5,000 just by following businesses, liking and commenting, sharing or retweeting and promoting the products in your social media account.

When you refer a customer to become a member on Hawkit, you will receive ₦500 commission. The more referrals, the more you earn.

Also with hawkit you get to

Sell Faster with Hawkit.

Give your products exposure to thousands of resellers and buyers each day.

Use Hawkit to start an airtime and data business of your own. Buy airtime or data at up to 10% to 50% less than it normally costs, and then sell it for its usual price to friends and family.
How does Hawkit work?

Hawkit is a platform that pays you for performing simple social media tasks. Tasks are gotten from people that need a particular service, these tasks are given to members to complete and part of the money is paid.

Entrepreneurs that are looking to gain more followers on social media like instagram, facebook, twitter. Members are required to like to share , post and comment for the entrepreneurs.

Hawkit’s payment system makes it easy to withdraw funds into your bank account. You can withdraw your hawkit earnings at any time by logging in and clicking on withdraw.

How to Activate your Account after signing up

Activating your account involves clicking the become a member button at the top of your dashboard, you will be redirected to a page showing you how to make money on the platform and some other guidelines.

Scroll down and click on the button that says make payment now. Use your ATM to make payment thereafter your account will be activated.
How to get Hawkit referral link

After activating your account with the sum of ₦1000 long in to your account dashboard and scroll down to, you will see refer and earn big. Click on it and you will see a button to copy your referral link.

Hawkit pays ₦500 for every successful referral you get, you referral must register, pay and activate before you can earn your commission

Hawkit is an online platform that pays members for performing task on a daily activities, such as liking, commenting, referring and following influencers on social media . It’s a great way to make some extra money.

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