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How To Create Facebook Ads Without Getting Rejected In Nigeria

Create Facebook Business Account

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If you have been using Facebook Ads for a while, you might have somehow been rejected and you are thinking of how you can create your Facebook ads without being rejected. However, am going to first explain the Facebook ad approval procedure and how long it takes in this guide. Let’s take a closer look at the review process before discussing how to improve a rejected ad.

Your ad was rejected by Facebook. Are you interested in learning how to reverse or avoid rejection?  This article will show you common errors that hurt Facebook ads and give you advice on how to fix rejected ads on your own also learn how to submit a request for a disputed advertisement’s review.


But first, you need to be aware of a few crucial details about your rejected advertisement before you begin your dispute. Check for obvious reasons why it might not have been favoured first. Go to the ad level in Ads Manager and select Edit for your ad. Facebook will frequently give you a general explanation of why the ad was rejected, but be aware that occasionally this explanation may be incorrect.


Facebook’s automated review system helps to examine your text, images, or videos, targeting data, and even the landing page or website you are sending traffic to as it compares your ads to Facebook’s Advertising Policies.

All of your Facebook business assets, including your Instagram account, business pages, ad accounts, and Meta pixels, can be managed using the free Facebook Business Manager tool. Mind you, you must have a personal Facebook profile in order to sign up for Facebook Business Manager.

Why do Facebook Advertisements?

With nearly 1.9 billion users daily and more than 2.9 billion monthly, Facebook presents a singular opportunity for marketers to supplement their organic efforts.

  • Large audiences are accessible to your business. A platform that regularly draws people and increases brand awareness and potential customers.
  • You can choose who sees your advertisement.
  • Your Facebook ads can target customers who might benefit the most from what you have to offer.
  • It helps to figure out what’s working and how to make your advertising strategy better for upcoming campaigns.
    The issue is that there isn’t much room for oversight when time and money are involved.

You must first become familiar with Facebook Ads Manager in order to take advantage of this platform’s user base and run Facebook ads efficiently.

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How can a Facebook Business Manager account be created?

  • Go to and select the “Create Business” (previously “Create Account”) button.
  • Because this name will appear when you roll out ads, enter the correct business name cautiously in the pop-up screen.
  • To receive updates about your Facebook Business Manager, enter the company’s email address next.
  • Enter your company’s information, including your address and website.
  • Once you have done that, visit the email address you previously provided and confirm it to finish the initial setup.
  • Now, you must link your Facebook page to the Business account if you want to begin to run Facebook ads.

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How to Build Up My Facebook pages into Business Managers

  • Go to the Facebook Manager and select “Business Settings” from the left-side menu’s gear icon.
  • Select “Pages” from the “Accounts” menu on the left.
  • Click “Add” after entering the URL of the Facebook page for which you are an administrator.

Now that we have reached the stage where you wanted to be, let’s create and set up your Facebook ad account!

How To Create A Facebook Ads

  • Locate Business Settings in the Business Manager’s left-side panel.
  • Click Accounts” click “Accounts” click “Accounts” click “
  • To access the dropdown menu, click the blue “Add” button.
  • Create a new paraphrase. If no other Business Manager currently owns this account, you can also choose to
  • Add an Ad Account” or “Request Access to an Ad Account” using the ad account ID at this time.
  • Choose your time zone, currency, and payment method before giving your new account a name. You cannot change your billing currency or time zone once you have chosen them, so be careful when doing so.
  • Make your account for ads. You must make a new account if you alter either of these two settings.
  • Choose whether you want to use this advertising account for your own company, a different company, or a client.
  • Click “Create”.

Are Facebook Ads Free

Through Ads Manager, Facebook does not provide cost-free advertising campaigns. However, you can place free advertisements on the platform’s other components, such as groups, the Marketplace, and shops.

How Can I Promote A Business On Facebook For Free?

  • Post content to the Facebook page for your company.
  • Publicize in neighborhood social networks
  • Make a listing on the Facebook Marketplace.
  • Add tags for items in your Facebook shop.
  • Organize a Facebook live event.

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How Do I Obtain Free Facebook Advertising Credits?

Free Facebook advertising credits can be obtained either through product promotions or Meta partnerships. Through Meta Business Manager, you can use these credits to run Facebook advertisements.

Get Your Rejected Advertisement Review

You can ask for a review of the decision in Account Quality if you think your ad was improperly rejected. To ask for an additional review:

  • Check out Account Quality.
  • Select your account or the catalog containing the rejected ads by clicking.
  • Choose the advertisements, ad sets, or campaigns you think were incorrectly rejected.
  • Select Submit after clicking Request review.

How to create a Facebook advertising account

You must set up your ad account, which includes adding a payment method before you can start your first Facebook campaign. But unless you want to modify it or make a new account, you only need to do it once.

How To Update Your Facebook Ads Account Payment

  • Go to “Payment Settings” in your Facebook Ad Account Settings.
  • You can set your spending cap, edit the ones you already have, add a new payment method, and view your upcoming invoice here.
  • Click “Add” in your Payment Settings.

contact a Facebook ads expert on WhatsApp

In conclusion, Now that I have told you how to Create Facebook Ads Without Getting Rejected, and how to set up ads on your Facebook, it’s time to make your own so you can promote your brand on Facebook, drive traffic, and collect leads from the website’s ideal customers. Thanks.

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