How to withdraw money from tiktok without paypal

How To Withdraw Money From Tiktok in Nigeria Without Paypal Account

After you have earned coins and diamonds Through the live stream program, you can now view your tiktok balance and withdraw it to your Bank Account. Let’s show you How To Withdraw From TikTok Without Paypal in Nigeria.

To view your balance and start a withdrawal, visit your profile and click the three dots on the top right hand corner of your screen, scroll down & select Balance. Now in details;

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Best Ways to Claim your TikTok Money

If you have been looking for ways to claim your Tiktok money, Dont worry you`re on the right track,below are the new Best Ways to claim your Tiktok money;

1.Firstly, your have to open your TikTok App.

2.Select your profile and tap on the three horizontal lines in the upper righthand corner, that will now take you to settings.

3.Now select settings and privacy.

4.Then select balance.

5.Tap on Live Gifts.

6.Then select Withdraw.

7. Log into your registered Paypal Account.

8.Confirm the withdrawal.

After Following the Above Mentioned methods i think you can now claim your TikTok money Without any assistance.

How many views you need to get paid on TikTok

Before one can be paid from TikTok,there are certain number of views you need to have,Moreover you will need at least 100,000 (One Hundred thousand) Views in the last 30 days to enable you earn through the creator fund,Aside from that ,there are no view requirements for TikTok Monetization Oppurtunities.

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How to Earn on TikTok

One can only Earn through all these sponsored Adverts on his/her Videos and Live Gifts on TikTok.This is the only way that has been discovered to be the only means one can earn on TikTok.

How To Withdraw Money From Tiktok Without Paypal

To withdraw without Paypal in Nigeria,You have to change to another country that has more than one methods of TikTok Withdrawal.

There are some African Countries that TikTok allow the use of Payoneer for withdrawal , So you can switch your country Nigeria to other countries that has payoneer options.

How to Change Country Location on TikTok

The best technique that works out most of the time that i recommend you try is the VPN ,it is the technique used mostly for the change of country’s location on TikTok,Below are the full details on how to change your country location on TikTok;

1.Ensure you firstly download the VPN App on Google play store and sign up using a browser .

2. Then you have to launch the App and sign into the account and tap on Selected Location.

3.You will see a full list of countries, then tap on the country or city of your choice.

4.After choosing your country/city of choice, Tap on the Power Icon at the top for quick activation of your VPN.

5.Finally yor can now go back and open TikTok & View the content of your new Location.

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