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Quick Way On How To Open A YouTube Channel And Get 1,000 Subscribers + 4,000 Watch Hour

YouTube is a good place to showcase your talent and make money doing what you love but if you do not know how to open a YouTube channel and get 1,000 subscribers and other YouTube requirements, it might be difficult to keep your channel active and upload videos. In today’s Tech Tutor Tutorial series, you will discover my secret method How I got my first 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours on YouTube fast.

If you want to use YouTube as a creator (publish videos on YouTube), you have to create a YouTube Channel. first, before you create or own a YouTube channel, you must have a Gmail account (Google Mail). this enables you to have access to Google LLC products.

Just like the way you have Yahoo Mail, Outlook, and Hotmail, that is the same way you have Gmail to receive emails from others. If you are an Android user, you should have been used to Google products by now like Chrome, Drive, Google photo, Google one, Google home, google meet, Playstore, YouTube and YT Music, Google podcast, and lots more.

How To Create Gmail Account For YouTube Channel

You can open a Gmail account for business and every other receiving emails, verification codes,s and signing up on Apps that pay for referrals, or other purposes but if you want to open a Gmail account for a YouTube channel. here is the same method to create a Gmail account.

  • Go to
  • Click on Create Account,
  • Fill in your personal details and enter a strong password unforgettable.
  • Verify your phone number and enter the code sent to your SMS.
  • Congratulations, you now own a Gmail account.

Now, Here is the video of How To Create YouTube Channel And Video Kits Need to edit videos.

Video Steps On How To Open A YouTube Channel 2023

in this video, you will see the complete tips for starting a new YouTube Channel and Video Kits you need in 2023 to shoot a professional video like the one you are watching.


At this junction, you have been able to see how to create a Gmail account for YouTube and how to create and start a YouTube Channel.

Also, How To Upload your first video.

However, it is very easy to create a YouTube Channel (Individual or branded) account. recording and uploading your own video is also easy to learn and do.

But here is what you will not find easy for Free.

  • YouTube SEO.
  • Getting your first 1,000 subscribers.
  • Getting 4,000 Watch hour views.
  • 1 Million Short Views.

YouTube has updated its terms and policy of the YouTube Partnership Program (YPP) which you must agree to or else, you will be removed from YouTube Monetization methods such as Thanks, paid members, and Video Ads.


New YouTube Partner Program terms must be accepted by July 10, 2023, to continue monetizing on YouTube. Partners also need to accept new terms to begin earning Shorts ad revenue starting as early as February 1, 2023, or on the date accepted.

But here is the gist#

As you have created a new channel, everything is going to be zero and empty. You have to take time and create a quality video with good audio.

To be a creator on YouTube, you need to learn some basics of Video editing and Audio recording. there are a lot of other channels where to learn Video Editing skills like a Pro.

We are not here to only how to upload videos on YouTube or how to edit videos like an expert but to find out How To Open A YouTube Channel and Get paid (Earn from it).

So, We will focus on How To Make Money on YouTube and what is YouTube Partnership Program Requirements.

To make money with YouTube, you have to join YouTube Partnership Program and get to grow your subscribers and watch hours.

Let’s first start with What is YPP (YouTube Partnership Program).

What is YPP (YouTube Partnership Program)

YouTube is a video-sharing platform and video-hosting website, that has over 2 Billion users and millions of creators just like you.

To encourage creators for keeping users engaged, YouTube introduce a way to reward and pay Video creators both long-hour videos and short videos (YouTube Shorts). here is how you earn from this program.

YouTube is owned by Google, which Google has a program called AdSense that paid publishers (website owners), and creators. Google AdSense is the middleman between advertisers and publishers to get paid for serving ads on their websites and videos.

For every platform, there are application guidelines and thresholds you as a creator should reach before you can be eligible to be paid on YouTube.

The YouTube Partnership Program has it compulsory requirement that states the creator must reach 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months.

Your channel must also comply with the YouTube policy and be free from copyright property such as music sound, video, and other intellectual properties.

That being put in place, there is a quick way to get YouTube 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours fast even with a new YouTube Channel.

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