How To Use Your SIM Card To Start Selling Cheap Data Without VTU Website

Many questions I get from people that want to create VTU Website or want to start a VTU Bsiness is How can they use their SIM card to sell Data at cheap rate.

Well, I would say it is possible but it would be done MANUALLY.

I repeat the whole process would be from your desire SIM to your customer, if you want it AUTOMATED.


So, If you agree that you do not want internet connection to run your business automatedly, then it is time I tell you how to get started with SIM Vending.

Different between VTU and Gifting is that you make profit sharing your Airtime, Data with people.


But it does not only end there…

You would need to connect your the SIM Card to a server in order to get started.

For now, I would not be giving full details yet.

I want to know if my reader would love SIM Card Hosting than VTU API Website.

So, Over to you. Do you want to know more…

Drop your suggestions in the comment and question.

If I see how interested you are I would be inviting someone who have over 9 years of experience in the business.

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11 thoughts on “How To Use Your SIM Card To Start Selling Cheap Data Without VTU Website

  1. This is really lovely, considering that you’ll have to register on vtu website. This is actually like a breakthrough. It’s a very Good idea

  2. Its a welcome development. i also think if you can host your sim then you can connect your vtu portal through the api to sell the data.
    anyway i’m so much interested in it.

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